Saturday, April 26, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: War Angel

Today's featured book is War Angel by our own Rusty Carl:

Engel Johnson discovers that his Grandmother has been hiding a secret since the final days of World War II. His visit to her death bed reveals that she she witnessed some of the most horrifying moments of the 20th century first hand.

And that she's been keeping a secret for more than 65 years.

This novelette set both in the present day and in waning days of the second World War shows how great forces disrupted the life of one family for generations.

Comments:  This is a bit of a departure from Rusty's other published works as it does not involve superpowered guys in the Old West seeking revenge or killbots or anything like that.  It's a more conventional drama set largely in WWII during the last days of the war.  With the modern day parts you might think of The Notebook only not sappy drivel and also probably not destined to be a movie featuring Ryan Gosling, despite how awesome that would be.  Despite that it's not very long it's a very moving and effective drama about secrets and desperate acts during some very dark times.  And again you have a very cool cover drawn by the author.

You can buy it from Amazon for Kindle for 99 cents!

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  1. Read and loved that story. Highly Recommended!

  2. I have a review of that somewhere.

  3. Hey! I know that book!! Awesome! Thanks for the mention... AGAIN!!!

  4. Looks like an interesting story. Well done on your AtoZ's, there's so many amazing indie books out there. Hopefully mine will be too one day.. I'm currently at the 'my writing's no good' and 'forever editing' stage, been here for a while!