Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: House on the Corner

Today's featured book is from our own Andrew Leon, The House on the Corner:

Three siblings have their plans for the summer ruined as they move across country as soon as school is out. The new house has been mostly vacant for the previous two decades, when the previous owners mysteriously vanished. The kids in the neighborhood believe the house is haunted, and even the adults can't deny that strange things happen around the creepy, old house on the corner. The Howards think these are no more than stories springing from overactive imaginations. That is until they discover a cache of ancient weapons. And what does the crazy old man across the street with his dire warnings have to do with it? Tom, Sam, and Ruth are convinced that things are anything but normal.

All children dream the improbable; some dream the impossible. What happens when three children stumble into the impossible? Will it bring them together, or will it tear them apart?

Comments:  This is kind of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe meets one of those 80s kid-friendly adventure movies like The Goonies or something, though it starts off more like a traditional ghost story as the family moves into the scary, rundown house on the corner.  But soon they discover the Imagination Room and it's more like one of those Star Trek The Next Generation episodes where the holodeck would malfunction and the characters become real and start running amok.  A little imagination is a dangerous thing!

And BTW, you have to love that cover art by our own Rusty Webb.

You can buy it for Kindle for $3.99 and in paperback for $13.49! You can visit Andrew's personal blog at:


  1. I'm still reading it and really like it. Now to go plug in my Kindle….

  2. I'm glad to hear that Elsie.
    You know, that guy should write a sequel...

  3. The book that put Mr Leon on the map! Rusty could have done a better job on those clouds though.

  4. He's on the map!? I want to see this map!

  5. Awesome cover, and the book sounds awesome