Saturday, April 19, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: Q

One great thing about doing A-Z with indie books is that it's fairly easy to find titles for even the toughest letters, Q and X. I searched the Amazon Kindle store for the letter "Q" and found this story by William Hughes. I haven't read it myself, but it sounds interesting.

Q follows in the tradition of Dan Brown's, The Da Vinci Code, as an ecclesiastical what-if. Is it provocative and polemical? No doubt.

Q deals with another ancient quandary––the origin and contents of the theorized source text of the New Testament Gospels of Luke and Matthew, referred to by historians as Q.

Lost to history in the first century, Q is found in 1992 through sheer happenstance by US Special Forces canvassing caves in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan. Because of its damning nature, this archeological windfall cannot be reported and is sequestered safely from public view.

Q resurfaces on September 12, 2001, one day after the collapse of the World Trade Center.

That changes everything.

You can find it here.


  1. Maybe I'll check out the author.

  2. Certainly is Dan Brownesque. I need to write a Q book

  3. hahaha thats weird ;)

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