Briane Pagel

You can read this page all you want but you will never learn Briane Pagel's secret pizza recipe.

This is the page where I tell you about me.

  Most authors will use this page to list the members of their family that they love, the general geographic location that they currently live in, how many cats or dogs they own, and whether they have a day job or not.

I am not most authors.  I'm just the one! Ha ha! Thanks, I'll be here all week, or until the Powers That Be decide to strike me down.

*dodges lightning bolt, laughs in the face of danger*

You'll have to do better than that, Powers That Be! How 'bout using proper grammar, for example!?  Powers That Be.  Powers That ARE!

*makes note to check and see if that's right, and also to wear rubber-soled shoes at all times*

I don't generally write all that stuff for my author bio because I don't feel like it's interesting to me, so why would it interest you? Instead, I try to just talk about things.  After all, if you want to know about me, you could read my blog

where I write about my life and stuff I think about stuff.  You'll meet my family there and see what I do when I'm not doing other things.

Or you could read my stories on my blog

where I post short stories and longer short stories and serialized novels and even sometimes poetry, and where I also

That's true: lit, a place for stories wants your writing and will pay you for it, and if you click that link you'll be magically transported to a world where a kindly gnome will explain how that works.*

*gnome does not exist in Earth Prime, you will have to settle for a web page, sorry, take it up with your local Universal architect. 

PS: I don't have a secret pizza recipe. 

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