Andrew Leon

The Secret Life Of...

Every good writer needs a nemesis, right? No? Oh... every good superhero needs a nemesis. Hmm... Well, why do I have a nemesis, then? Does that mean I'm a superhero? Because, if it does, I want super powers. Where do I order those? Does Amazon have a section for that?

What? My nemesis? Oh... This is my nemesis:

Don't let the cute fool you. It's just a disguise.

Notice the glowing eyes? He is the enemy of a good night's sleep and it takes constant vigilance to defeat him. Which means he gets to win. Because, well, “constant” means all night, too. But I do protect the sleep of others by keeping him at bay.

This is my sidekick:


She is the bringer of sleep. Seriously. There is nothing cozier than this dog in your lap, and she can put you to sleep in moments. We call her “Nap-bringer.” Also, she has laser eyes.

When I'm not fighting the evil deeds of The Cat, I write stuff.

Yes, the hat is essential. Not to the writing, because I don't actually wear it when I'm at my computer, but, trust me, it is part of the writer guise. It's like Clark Kent's glasses. Don't give me that look; I know what I'm talking about.


I write stuff.
You can find me at StrangePegs.
And here's some of the stuff I've written:
The House on the Corner 
“Christmas on the Corner”
“The Evil That Men Do” 
Shadow Spinner
“Collection 1: Tiberius” 
“Collection 2: The Man with No Eyes” 
“Collection 3: The Garden”
“Collection 4: The Undying” – coming soon

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