Rusty Carl

MY NAME IS RUSTY. I write stories. Slowly.

I have found a severe insecurity complex, coupled with a healthy dose of procrastination, keeps my stories coming out at a trickle. I also don't believe in house slippers. Four or Five layers of socks serves just as well. You just keep putting them on, one on top of the other, until you can no longer wiggle your toes... that means you've done it right.

I tend to write about my neurosis, hoping that it makes me seem more like a tortured artist. You know, that the more crazy the artist is, the better they are at their art?

No, that's probably not how it works, people who say they're crazy rarely are. Dammit, can't even do crazy right.

Regardless, to date, I have one complete, unpublished novel, The Blutonian Death Egg, which has been complete for years. However, I have an annual tradition of pulling it out from my archives, dusting it off, and making line edits on it before I put it away again. I sit on for the reasons stated above, and several novel length manuscripts in various stages of revision and editing - as well as numerous short stories and novelettes for sale.

Coming Soon!
My novellete, A Dead God's Wrath was self-published in 2011. Reviews have said, "... The prose it tedious and riddled with errors," and "... the plot is predictable and the characters uninteresting."

I was never good at bragging, I'm probably doing that wrong.

My WWII novelette, War Angel, has been my most popular story to date. Despite reviews calling the twist ending as something that can be seen coming from miles away.

There are others, and links to those can be found on my blog, The Blutonian Death Egg. Where there is a fancy 'about me' page, and besides the links to my other stories for sale, there are story excerpts and essays on how lame things are.

But brighter days are ahead. Early 2014 will see the release of my short novel, Total DepravityIt's a story of a broken man chasing an escaped slave through colonial era America and his discovery that this slave he is chasing is a bit more than human. It's been in the works for the better part of 3 years. The end is coming. Then I can live.

Here's to dreams.
What do you think? Can I pull off crazy?

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