Friday, April 11, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: Just Exactly How Life Looks

Today's featured book is Just Exactly How Life Looks by our own Briane Pagel:

The short stories here will introduce unforgettable people living remarkable lives. Cowboys wander in a timeless desert. Scientists meet in secret to plot a new way to get attention, and money, from people. A man and his would-be lover try to find lions on safari, and more. The people and places in this book spring to life fully-formed and full of anxiety and imagination. They worry about the time they have had and the time they have left. They bury their loved ones and look for new friends. They talk and laugh and hope and cry and die, while their friends and family and enemies and Gods watch them, seeing, in their faces and actions and fears, a portrait of just exactly how life looks.

Comments:  Just Exactly... is a collection of "literary" short stories, so there's no lasers or aliens or dragons. That's not to say that some of the stories don't have fantastical elements. The cowboys in one story wander endlessly in a desert. Lions magically (? or not) appear while on safari. God is a character in one story. There are secret cabals of scientists and, in one of the strangest stories, Sitting, a mysterious man who shows up on a hilltop and causes nearly an entire town to pause for a while. They're more in the "magical realist" genre of stories, but are worth checking out.

You can buy it on Kindle for $3.99  or in paperback for $10.06!
You can read more of Briane's stories on lit:


  1. So literary stories aren't spec fic because they are, um, what? You're not also Margret Atwood are you?

    1. I believe those are the author's words, but there are literary stories that use supernatural elements like maybe The Lovely Bones if you consider that literary. Or John Updike's Brazil, a book I really hated. Then there's that whole sub-genre of "magical realism."

  2. Sounds like a great collection of stories! Just discovered your blog through the A-Z list and it's great to meet you. Our writing group is doing the A-Z together too.

    AtoZ of Fantastical Creatures: Untethered Realms

  3. B. Pagel is a mind-expanding author. I love reading his works.

  4. That's another one I just haven't gotten to, yet,