Monday, April 21, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: Rebirth

Today's featured books are the Rebirth series by Eric Filler:

In the first book of the series, First Contact, a human expedition travels to a distant planet only to get ambushed by the alien S'Parnians.  While most of the expedition is wiped out, a small group led by Captain Lisa Shaw survives and attempts to thwart the aliens.

In The Savior, Shaw and her crew use a salvaged alien ship to try to return to Earth in time to warn them of the S'Parnian threat.  But when a human-alien hybrid appears to be the S'Parnian messiah, the two races join forces to take her to the alien home world.  Unfortunately getting her there is the easy part.

Finally in The Final Battle, the fragile peace between humans and S'Parnians is shattered when an ancient foe reappears.  With Admiral Shaw incapacitated, it's up to Captain Jack Laurants to rally human and S'Parnian forces to save both worlds.

Comments:  If you can overlook the comma splices and other grammatical issues, this is an unabashed space opera series.  The influences of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Robotech are pretty obvious.  If you like those, then you'll definitely get a kick out of this series.

You can get the first ebook free and the other two for 99 cents!


  1. Sounds cool Man. I downloaded the first book!

  2. I think I have the first one on my kindle too. Bit I've got about 100 others there too that are still unread.

  3. I always have trouble with stuff from Smashwords, so I try not to use it.

  4. Just stopping by from the A-Z list to say "Hi" and good luck with the rest of the challenge :)

    This is why i LOVE the A-Z...i get to find great blogs like this! x