Saturday, April 5, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: Eclipse

Today's featured book is Eclipse by our own Briane Pagel. If you thought it was the Stephanie Meyer one then you are wrong and don't have any idea what the core concept of this blog is.

Claudius wanted to be the first man to reach the stars-- and maybe he was. In a stunning psychological horror work, 'Eclipse' unfolds slowly, beginning with Claudius drifting through space after something has gone wrong with his mission. As he stares at the only thing he can see, a tiny rock off in space, he mulls the events that led him here, reflecting on his childhood and the mission-turned-into-murder. Or did things go bad? As 'Eclipse' unfolds, the reader is treated to a twisting, constantly changing landscape created by Claudius' own mind, as version after version of what-might-have-happened pile on. One thing is clear, though: Something has gone wrong, and Claudius may never reach the stars. Or will he?

Comments:  This is a really twisty sci-fi story that will have you questioning what is real and what is fantasy.  It certainly seems like a lot of what Claudius is doing is real, but then some of it seems to contradict that.  This guessing game is what keeps the narrative going strong all the way through to the end. 

You can buy it for Kindle for $3.99 or on paperback for $8.06
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  1. Stopping by on the 6th day of the #challenge, Congratulations on your blog. I'm writing about gardening and related topics if you have time or interest. Come see me.

  2. Was a great read. Even if it was like I was tripping on acid for most is the time. There is a reason people abusr that stuff. It was an amazing ride.