Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: New Pride

Today's featured book is New Pride by Laura Diamond:

Kicked out by his alpha father for nearly exposing their secret, seventeen-year-old Richard Leone is a shape-shifter without a pride. Alone, homeless, and hungry, he forms a tenuous friendship with Derek, a power-hungry shifter from an unstable rogue pride. It’s either that, or starve. Until they encounter a gorgeous brunette, Molly, partying with friends around a campfire. Richard immediately feels a connection with her, and something about her calls to him. Almost as if she was supposed to be his mate.

But when Molly is kidnapped, Richard must take on the entire rogue pride to save her and keep his human town safe from harm. Derek offers him a deal: he’ll help Richard take on the pride to rescue Molly, but only to secure his place as alpha. And once that happens, the humans could be in even more danger…

Comments:  Werewolves are so passe, right?  Werecats are way more awesome, especially since they come in all sorts of different flavors:  lions, panthers, jaguars, etc.  But apparently there's no were-Grumpy Cat, which would probably make the Internet explode.  Basically if you like Twilight and all that stuff then you'll like this book.  But even though I did not like Twilight, I liked this book anyway because it's less whiny and boring.

You can buy it for Kindle from Amazon for $2.99! You can find Laura's blog at:


  1. My how to be a werewolf post from last year is by far the most popular post I've had, even more so than the how to be a vampire one. I wonder if a how to be werecat post would be popular?