Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A-Z Indie Books: Twinned Universes

Twinned Universes

Author: Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Paul Harrison always wanted to play Hamlet, but he never expected he'd live the role first.

In the aftermath of a family tragedy on 21st century Earth, Paul discovers he's the clone of Sean Lyon, his great-great-grandfather and a famous TwenCen musician. Suspecting his mother's death was no accident, Paul comes up with a plan to trick the answers out of the great-uncle who had him cloned. But in order to make his plan work, Paul needs help from Sean himself--and Sean's time is running out in the TwenCen universe next door. Although Paul's family lives on the spaceship that travels between the universes, he's never been allowed on TwenCen Earth. Now, with the help of his friends, his disguise-creating holoprojectors, and a quantum quirk, Paul must make his way to Sean while evading other time travelers who fear he'll change the history of the TwenCen universe. If Paul is to achieve justice, he must not only risk his own life, but the wormhole connecting the universes. "To be or not to be" was a simple question in comparison....

Sandra's Comments: I knew as I wrote Lyon's Legacy that I would need to write a sequel. This book is set about eighteen years later but can be read on its own. Paul is my favorite character I've created so far, but his friends are interesting too. I will be returning to the Catalyst Chronicles series once I publish the first book in my fantasy Season Avatars series later this year.


  1. I'm not into sci-fi, but lots of folks are and will surely enjoy your review of this book. The cover is awesome and looks quite inviting. I'm a history buff so love reality more. A-Z...congrats for making this far, we're chugging along.
    Sandy from Traveling Suitcase

  2. Awesome post! I love science-fiction based books!

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  4. Wat a great idea for a sci-fi novel. I wonder why no one else thought of it?

  5. That's another one sitting and waiting for me to get to it.

  6. Well, the first one was a strong story. If you like this one better (or at least the character) then it must be excellent.

  7. Thanks, Maurice, Andrew, and Rusty!