Saturday, January 18, 2014

Once You Die, You Still Have Choices to Make

Attentive followers might note that last weekend Sandra posted a great short video that gave an admirable explanation for Fermi's Paradox.

Well, from the same creator is an even shorter video on what life will finally be like once we can upload our consciousness and live forever.



  1. I think I would not want to continue.

  2. Only $18k a month, what a deal!
    The scary thing is that that may not be too far away.
    Which is also the awesome thing.
    And scarier because it's awesome.
    Of course, it's hard to say what would be left after they delete all that stuff.

  3. @David - Me neither. I found it very disheartening. If that's where we're at in another 40 years or so I'll... well, not be thrilled.

    @Andrew - Agreed. I wonder what sort of person I'd be if all the copyrighted material in my head was deleted.