Friday, January 3, 2014

Writing Opportunities: The Drabblecast will pay for your weird badass stories. (Briane Pagel)

I have this week begun listening to a podcast called "The Drabblecast." It features "stories that are humorous, bizarre, gross, disturbing, badass, interesting and original."  The first story I listened to was a New Year's Eve story in which a man gets the ability to relive any year of his life -- but only one year at a time, so the changes he makes last only until the new New Year's Eve.

That kind of stories.

The Drabblecast accepts submissions, and pays for them.  You can submit stories from 500-4,000 words, and they'll pay 3 cents per word. They also accept flash fiction -- stories of exactly 100 words (hey, how 'bout that, Nigel Mitchell?) and stories of exactly 100 characters, which they call "Drabbles" and "Twabbles," respectively.

Details are on this page, here. The Drabblecast's main page is here. Nigel Mitchell is a scifi writer who publishes a 100-word story every week. His latest is "Singularity," here.

Briane Pagel woke up at 3:45 a.m. today. Not by choice.  Man, his kids are going to owe him when they grow up.  Read his stories at lit, a place for stories, and read about his kids and the other crazy things they do at Thinking The Lions.  Not coincidentally, lit, a place for stories will publish your writing and pay you for it, too. Details on that by clicking this link.


  1. It's good to know there are other places out there waiting to reject me. I'll make note.

  2. Rusty: True story... they rejected my story in TWO HOURS.

    They say response time is 3-4 months. Unless they really hate your story in which case they'll reject it BEFORE YOU GET TO YOUR OFFICE.