Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grumpy Previews

This week's series of posts is supposed to be about what sci-fi/fantasy related thing you're looking forward to this year.  My answer is:  not much.  I don't really keep up with any book series to see what's going to be released this year.  I'm lucky if I know anything comes out even after the fact.

I'm more cognizant of movies, but this year seems like a real down year for movies.  It seems all the biggest sci-fi franchises will be releasing in 2015 like Star Wars 7, Avengers 2, Superman/Batman/whoever else we're throwing in there, and so forth.  I'm not sure what's really left for 2014 except The Hobbit and The Hunger Games, neither of which I've any interest in.

The only one I'd probably go see opening weekend is Captain America 2, though I fully expect to be disappointed by it.  I mean Thor 2 was good and Iron Man 2 was OK, but neither were great.  The fact there's a new director too also makes me leery.

There's also a new X-Men movie.  I read the two issues they try to pass off as a graphic novel--shame on you, Marvel!--and it wasn't all that great.  They are making substantial changes, like pretty much everything except the title.  So we'll see how that plays out.

If I'm really bored and it doesn't sound completely awful maybe I'd go watch the Robocop remake.  There's also another Godzilla remake, but I'd need to see more of it than a vague, blurry shot of the monster.  I'm not a fan of most remakes though.  About the only ones I've really liked were the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and I doubt these will be on par.

Speaking of Nolan he has some sci-fi movie coming out this year.  Something that sounds like Contact and features one of its stars.  The Prestige was good and Inception was OK, but like the Marvel sequels neither were great in my mind, so again expectations are not high.

While I've read a lot more comics in the last two years I really don't follow current ones that much.  I wait until later when they go on sale and then read them.  So I have no idea what big things are happening this year.

Are you psyched for 2014 yet?  More like psyched out, amIright?

[Shameless plug alert!] But if you want something new for 2014, the conclusion of my epic Girl Power trilogy just went on sale.  Plus I'm 4/7 of the way done with a collection of short stories featuring characters from that series.


  1. Contact is one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm looking forward to Interstellar myself. I have high hopes for it.

    I read a thing on io9 that had a list and synopsis for 2014's spec fic movies and I wasn't overwhelmed with awe either. It's ok though. I'm sure something will blow me away.

  2. I'm not looking forward to Nolan's new thing. In fact, I will not go see it in the theater by choice. he's overrated.

  3. Boy, first Rusty takes down Jonathan Strange, then Andrew takes down Christopher Nolan -- and to top it all off, after reading PT's 2014 preview I was practically suicidal.

    My experience has actually been that the hyped stuff almost (almost!) never lives up to it. Look at 2013: Pacific Rim disappointed, people hated The Hobbit, The Man Of Steel turned out only okay, Iron Man 3 (did that come out this year?) was okay...but the stuff I really liked was little-heralded.

  4. I'm excited for Godzilla and HTTYD 2. That's about it.

  5. I'm thinking X-Men will be the film of the year, but it's hard to tell from the trailers. You know how I feel about Godzilla based on the trailer. ;)