Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sun... It's Hot

So, let's say you're working on your nice little story about the team of scientists on a mission to the sun. Never fear, they'd go at night, to avoid burning up - but you just wish you had a primer of some sort to ground you in some of the things you might want to know.

Well, infographic weekend continues with this beauty below:

Everything Under The Sun
by Column Five Media.
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  1. David Brin wrote "Sundiver," part of his "Uplift" series. I remember reading, but that's all I remember about it.

    Then, there's this one book about an astronaut whose mission involves flying a ship superfast down around the Sun and then flinging it out to the stars by use of gravity, but things go horribly wrong and he murders his whole crew... OR DOES HE?

    I'd have definitely used more actual facts about the Sun in that story if I'd had this helpful infographic. Infographics are the best, next to Infotainment. I only want my info when it's combined with something else, like that. Or infopizza. I would like that.

  2. Less than 5%? I did not know that.
    I have Sundiver on a TBR pile.

  3. Outstanding research info. I'll mention it in my project, if you don't mind. There'll be a citation, of course. If these guys writing service helps me, I will be ready with the project in a day or two.