Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top Ten List of Things/People Who Should be in the Next Star Wars Movie

We've been challenged (again!) this week to share our thoughts as to what should be in the next Star Wars movie. Although I've seen the movies and read a few books, it's been a long time since I've done either, and I'm not sure anymore what's canon and what isn't. Also, I'm not going to write scenes as Briane did so well, because, of course, who can follow Briane? So, instead, here's my Top Ten List of Things/People Who Should be in the Next Star Wars Movie:

10. A new villain/villains: Specifically, I propose they create a race of energy beings that can counter the Force, or even feed on the Force's energy. Let's call them Chlordivores for now. Perhaps they can even possess flesh-and-blood beings in pursuit of their goal. I think such a race will shake up the Jedis and give them a real challenge.

9. Ghosts of Jedis: Have a scene where Yoda, Obi-wan, and even Darth Vader (still a much more impressive name than "Anakinn") battle the Chlordivores.

8. Betty White as a Jedi mentor:

(I have no idea who originally created this image, which I found on Pinterest.)

7. New weapons: Sure, the lightsaber is awesome, but will they work on these energy beings? How about a weapon that can drain energy from the Chlordivores? Alternatively, we need a way to trap them.

Then again, something like this would be cool too:

6. New planets: For starters, maybe they should design planets that have more than one type of climate. As for what I'd like to see, perhaps settings underwater, or worlds sustained by UV light instead of the visible spectrum. The latter might be hard to film since it would be so dark, but maybe you could use bioluminesence as a light source.

5. New aliens/artificial life forms: I won't go into designing these here; I need to save some ideas for my own work.

4. Characters from the first six movies: Luke, Leia, and Han are obvious choices, even if they're older. R2-D2 and C3PO as well should come along for the ride.

3. The next generation: I remember reading in Timothy Zahn's books that Han and Leia had twins; I think they were a boy and a girl. What are they up to now? What are their skills? And did Luke ever have kids? Gotta pass on those midichlorians, after all.

2. The family black sheep: Maybe one of the kids has no talent for the Force, or maybe he/she wants to do something else with his/her life, something the older generation might disapprove of--until it turns out this talent or skill is the only way to defeat the Chlordivores. I want a protagonist who's complex enough to develop over a movie or three.

1. More named female characters: It's about time this franchise tries to pass the Bechdel test.

What do you want to see in the next Star Wars trilogy?


  1. I think I left a comment, halfway? I don't know. Something weird happened, like there was a change in The Matrix.

    Anyway, try again:

    I love the Chlordivores. And the UV planet with bioluminesence, which I tried spelling a couple of ways and spellcheck doesn't like any of them so to heck with it, and the rest of this. I'd forgotten that Han and Leia had twins, but I guess that works out well for my own plan that one of those kids goes nuts, right?

    Way to beat me with hard, actual science, Sandra. Just for that, in Episode VIII, I am going to have PEOPLE go nova. We'll see what Rusty And His Science Pals do now.

  2. Well, that will definitely make ME explode, Briane...and yes, I guess great minds think alike when it comes to sending the kids to the Dark Side.

  3. Jedi Betty White is a no-brainer for me. Make that happen JJ! I liked all the other points - but I can't get passed Betty White taking down the bad guys.

  4. Why is Betty White showing up again? I thought she'd had her day fighting clones and spiders and stuff and she had a lightsaber (I think) then, too! I mean, what the heck?

    They've already done the whole force resistant race thing more than once. I'm not for that. It's just resorting to using Kryptonite against Superman.

  5. Coming up with Kryptonite for the Jedis was the point, Andrew

  6. Yeah, but kryptonite is what makes Superman stories so boring.

  7. Have to agree with more female characters. Why not an interesting female Jedi? Betty White can be the