Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Things We Do For Love

PT has challenged us to write love stories for the Valentine's Day week.  

This is mine. It's experimental and I hope you bear with it. This is not the first time I've tried a story like this, but it is the first time I've published one this way.

It's called, as the post title suggests, The Things We Do For Love


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  1. hrmph
    well, i have no comment, now
    i was going to have some kind of comment, i don't know what, but you've already pre-ordained any sad comment, so i have nothing left to say
    except i want to know what happened to all of the people and stuff

  2. You can still say it's sad. I won't debate you on that.

    But what happened to all the people is in there.

  3. This is another one of those like "nunc" that could be told a bunch of different ways, including just 'straightforward.'

  4. I'm sorry, Briane. I'm on my phone and can't see well enough to read. I'll do it from home later.

  5. Fine, but you're going to get an incomplete on this assignment until your comment is turned in.

  6. Okay... THAT was very worth the read. Well done. I hope that our mad scientist remembers that most of the Lagrangian points in the earth/moon/sun system are unstable over long time scales, so he better have picked the right one if he meant for something to stay there for geological ages.

    And I, for one, hope that the reason the notebook ended like it did is because he did find her, and after seeing what he did, all for her, that she finally loved him back.

    I mean, that's awful, but he did already do all that work.

    1. On the other hand, if it becomes known that seducing a woman can be done by ending all life on Earth, we are going to have to start monitoring the kids who win the high school science fair.

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