Monday, February 17, 2014

RE Branding

On my old blog I once posted about how back in the heady days of 2012 I split my literary empire into 4 pieces.  I created 3 pseudonyms that didn't have my name in them at all.  The idea was that certain types of books would go to each author and then I'd have other, more recent books under my own name.

Now I've decided to bring some of these books back in from the cold to put them under the warm, solid roof of the P.T. Dilloway brand.  (Attention:  Sarcasm overload!)  Basically it occurred to me that it would be better for the books and my sales if these were under my name, where they might be found easier.  Because unless you go out there and promote your pseudonym (or reveal your real name behind the pseudonym ala JK Rowling) it's hard for anyone to know your books exist.  Whereas if they're under my name then on the off chance someone downloads Chance of a Lifetime or Girl Power or whatever for free, maybe they'll want to read more of my books and click on my name in Amazon and see some of these others.  Couldn't hurt, right?

The good thing is that with self-publishing it's somewhat easy to do that stuff.  You don't have to sue a publisher to get the rights back or anything like that.  The hard part is having to redo the covers and files to change the name.  The covers were especially tricky for me since I was like two computers removed from the one I made the originals on and I couldn't find some of the same graphics.  In some cases I think that was a good thing as I could find better graphics--at least to me.

Then of course I had to find all the files in Word--or just download them from Smashwords.  It seems fairly straightforward to change the name on the title page, but doing it like 10 times is kind of annoying.  Especially when you have to load that stuff back onto Smashwords, then Amazon and B&N.

Anyway, here's a little before and after:

The oldest books in my catalog I'm still using a pseudonym for because they aren't that well-written and thus I don't want them under my roof.  Let people think Eric Filler is a terrible writer instead of P.T. Dilloway!  (Though they probably think that about both.)

There's today's lesson in #branding for indie publishers.


  1. I think I HAVE that Eric Filler book! And I didn't realize it was you.

    Hands down the best improvement is the heart cover of the Young books.

    You're right on the pseudonyms. Stephen King used them for the Bachmann books because the publisher thought people wouldn't believe one writer could put out so many books at once. Anne Rice used them on her erotica because (I think) it was erotica. JK Rowling used it to see if she could get fair reviews (and then "accidentally" let it out that she was the author.) In all cases, once the publisher realized they could capitalize on the brand without backlash, they republished under their names.

    So... I think you should re-do the covers and say "PT Dilloway, writing as Claire LaChance." Not that you'll mind redoing 10 covers, right?

    You should do more posts on cover design. These are awesome.

  2. You improved on all those cover, good job. I'm still half-assing my Rusty Carl brand name. More blogs are making me comment from Google plus and that forces me to comment under my real name. Stupid computers.

  3. Yeah, I think the new covers are better. Especially the heart one like Briane said.

  4. New covers are an improvement. And I agree, the use of pseudonyms can work against you in this new publishing world. Good move.

  5. I think you're making the right move. Be sure to put links to all your all your books. Updating files can take hours..let alone re-doing a cover.

  6. Well, I'm perhaps reading the wrong blog, but dangit' my friends hang out here, and if I ever publish it will be indie (I don't see dead people...but I do think I can see the future of publishing and I think it's indie. You can quote me. Just link me ;-)

    I think you're new covers are awesome! Change can be good, and we do learn as we grow. I think being all under the same name is great ~ shows your a multi-genre author, and that's something to be proud of.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014