Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lies Writers Tell... To Other Writers (Part Six -- Here Are the Rules)

Life is full of rules. So many rules. Rules aren't a bad thing, not necessarily. In a lot of ways, rules make us behave like, well, like people. Sort of. At least, they have the ability to make us be better people.

Of course, on the other side of that, rules also have the ability to make us worse people. I'm sure you know one of those people who is always trying to enforce "the rules" and enforce them to the letter. There is no room for individual circumstances. For example, I read a story a while back (no, I'm not going to go try to find a link; it's been years) about a man in a pickup truck who picked up a family on the freeway whose car had broken down. I said "pickup truck," right? Because that's what he was driving, and this was a large family so, of course, he didn't have enough room in the cab of the truck for everyone, so some of them had to sit in the bed of the truck. Hmm... That's illegal on the freeway.

Seeing as how no good deed goes unpunished, the man was stopped by policeman who, if I'm remembering correctly, not just gave the man a ticket but arrested him. It was a lot of people in the back of the truck. The officer refused to listen or give consideration to the circumstances. The case went to trial and the judge immediately dismissed it. Somewhere in there, he used the word "foolish" in reference to the police officer.

Maybe that's an extreme example, but who hasn't run across one of those people?

* * *

And here's the trick:
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  1. Are you sure "gooder" is allowed by the rules? ;)

    This has been a great series, Andrew. Have you considered compiling all of the posts into an eBook?

  2. Not this series, but I have considered taking some of my more favorite posts and doing that.

    I'm sure "gooder" is good and even betterer than most.

  3. Rules do have the ability to make us worse people, but we have to know when to break the rules. A thoughtful point Andrew.

  4. But did you go find out about the rules? That's the question.