Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here's a taste of what you'll get in the Indie-pendence day annual!

First prize in our first-ever Anthology contest went to Russ Bickerstaff's entry, I Will Be A Jerk.  Russ' contribution was an unusual twist on time travel stories, as you'll see in the excerpt below:


I am a jerk. Not right now, exactly, but I will be a jerk. I figure it's probably about 20 years from now. It's a little complicated. Roughly twenty years from now I will be just a few feet from where I am now. Pretending to read a magazine. Pretending not to be looking at me. I will just be sitting there being a jerk. 

When I went off to go to college, I wasn't expecting this. Granted, it's not like there weren't warning signs looming out ahead of me. All my life there had been indicators that I might suffer from some kind of mental illness. It runs in the family. Dad once thought he'd accidentally unplugged the outside world from his house. He was perfectly cool about it for a while. Then everything disintegrated for him. A year ago my brother claims to have seen a cluttered residential apartment of infinite space in the complex he manages. He's still around, but he dropped out of college to be in some weird, experimental steampunk ska band. (Make of that what you will.) So I could have expected some kind of a schizophrenic break with reality. I could have expected some kind of a psychotic episode or something. If not now then maybe ten or twenty years from now. But not now because I'm pretty sure this is different.


You can read the whole story, and 14 other great time travel stories, in the anthology!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BUY IT, and watch for an interview with Russ coming soon.


  1. Still cheaper than a cup of coffee! And you get to keep it forever. Or until a worldwide EMP wipes out technology.

    1. Or until Amazon decides our liscense to read is only good for x number of years.

  2. Not to mention it's gluten and fat free!