Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's finally here!

The First Annual Indie-Pendence Day Anthology is available for your purchase now!  We WANTED to put it out last week, but didn't want to hurt the USA's feelings by overshadowing the 240th birthday of our esteemed country, so we waited a week.

For just $3.99, you'll get fifteen different time travel stories, stories that will touch your heart and make you think and scare you and astound you and... what else do stories do? Work your eyeballs? YES! Think of this book as like zumba for your eyeballs, only with awesome time travel stories instead of, say, eye charts.

The authors in this collection include the hottest indie authors around, and all this week we will be featuring excerpts from their stories, but why wait? Go get the book NOW!  That's an order, soldier!

Click here to learn more about this awesome book.


  1. Can I just say, I love your laugh-inducing labels.

  2. It was at #63 in time travel, earlier, but it's down to #69, now.

  3. Do you have a listing of stories?