Friday, November 21, 2014

More FREE Books!

For no really good reason I put a couple of my books on sale for FREE on Amazon now through Sunday/Monday.  If you ever wanted to sample some of my pseudonym Eric Filler's bestselling prose, now is the time!

First there's Transformed Into a Cougar (Transformed #10).  Which of course we're not talking about the big cat cougars; we're talking about a still-hot middle-aged chick.  But that wouldn't have really fit on the cover, would it?
Like all of these (except the holiday ones) it features two stories.  In "On the Prowl" a slick young bachelor runs afoul of an older woman, who turns him into her wingman--or wingwoman.  So now he has to seduce young guys like he used to be.  But things go awry when he falls in love with his prey.

"Hot for Teacher" features one of the odder devices I've used in these stories.  Basically there's a comet that comes by once every 100 years or so.  When a high school boy makes a wish on the comet, he becomes his hot teacher!  And then mayhem ensues as the boy and the teacher engage in a war of wishing on the comet.

It's FREE through Sunday, so get it now!
Also FREE!
Also FREE is the novella Race Against Time.  A police detective's daughter is kidnapped by a guy calling himself the Gamemaster.  To get her back, the detective enters a weird virtual reality game.  There are a series of 18 levels and each one that she fails, the detective gets 2 years younger and her daughter 1 year younger.  The object then is for the detective to save her daughter before they both turn into primordial ooze. 

Given the nature of the story, the chapter numbers run backwards, from Chapter 18 to Chapter 0, ie the Epilogue.  I decided to have a lot of fun by incorporating as many characters and locations from other stories as possible.  So at one point the detective becomes Velocity Gal of the Girl Power series and in another level she turns into Stacey Chance.  The detective herself hails from the Scarlet Knight series.  It's pretty much filled with  more in-jokes than an episode of Family Guy.

Some dork gave it one star because it "doesn't command the reader's attention."  Well dipshit maybe that's because the only other things you review are video games and video game equipment.  Anyway, I doubt I'll get any [good] reviews, but what the hell.

It's FREE through Monday, so get it!

I suppose even if you don't want to read them, you can download both, just to help my position on the Amazon charts.  The Cougar one got to #3 on the Top 100 Free of this list in the US & UK.  So that's something.

Anyway, I could call this my birthday gift to you.  Saturday is my birthday, which I'll be celebrating in Scottsdale by doing almost nothing because I have no money until next week.  Hooray!


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