Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Draft2Digital: So Far, So Good

On my blog recently, Cindy Borgne mentioned a site called Draft2Digital that is like Smashwords in allowing you to publish to multiple platforms.  I didn't look into it at first, but then necessity forced my hand.

To put it simply (and crudely) Smashwords was being a bunch of dickholes.  I mentioned on my blog I had put my entire Transformed gender swap series into one collection so I could publish it on non-Amazon platforms for extra money.  I even sold like 6 copies on the Smashwords site, which was pretty awesome.

This was while the book was "in review" for their precious "Premium Catalog," ie platforms beyond Smashwords.  Once they were done reviewing it, the trouble began.  Basically they gave me a list of demands, which were kind of stupid.
  •  Put everything in "Normal" format because something was "corrupted."
  • The title it was listed as was "Transformed Collection (Gender Swap Erotica)" so the parenthetical part should be on the cover
  • There can't be any kids, period, or they can't sell the book.
Putting everything in normal made all the titles left justified and I was too lazy to go through and change them all.  But I guess it solved whatever stupid problem their "Meatgrinder" had with it.  The other two were what drove me away.

Look, I get that you don't want kids having sex with adults or anything, but really you can't have any kids AT ALL in the book?  That's just ridiculous.  Parents do still have sex.  I'm sure this is just a paranoid overreaction because someone was publishing pedophilia or something.  But let's face it, the fucking book is 500,000 words; I'm not going back through the whole thing to take out any kids just because of your paranoia.

And the other one was just patently stupid.  The reason people put stuff in the title in parentheses is to let people know what kind of book it is or what series it is to make that more visible.  But I'm not going to put it on the fucking cover.  How stupid would that look?  Sure I could just delete it, but why should I?  Only a total moron would think that stuff was part of the actual title.

So that was when I checked out Draft2Digital.  The whole experience (so far) has been about a thousand times better than Smashwords.  First off, the site is a lot quicker.  Publishing to Smashwords took like half an hour, but this went a lot faster.  I didn't have to wait in a "queue" for fifteen minutes.  And the interface was much more streamlined so I didn't have a bunch of scrolling.

Then of course I didn't have to wait days for them to "review" it, followed by rejecting it for stupid shit.  It was whiz-bang, pretty much the next day it was on the other sites like Apple's bookstore, Kobo, and even B&N!  Though for some reason the cover didn't import to B&N.  Which is weird since I used the same image as when I published it through B&N's Nook Press.

I downloaded a sample of the Mobi file (Kindle format) and it looked just as good as the Smashwords version.  The only strange thing is that after a scene break (which I designate with a ***) they don't indent the paragraph.  I guess that's a stylistic choice on their part.  I haven't looked at the ePub file since I don't have a Nook, but I hope it's not too bad.

Obviously it was nice that they didn't want me to put parenthetical stuff on the cover or delete all the kids in the book.  The only drawback is they don't give you quite as much money as Smashwords, like 60% instead of about 70%, but then Smashwords was wanting to give me 0% for the book, so take what I can get, right?

It is pretty early, but so far it has been smooth sailing.  Smashwords has lost themselves a customer.


  1. I tried D2D in December with a short story collection and was also pleased by how quick and easy the process was. I don't know if I'm going to move my current work from Smashwords to D2D, but I'll be using D2D for future books.

    BTW, Five hundred thousand words?! That's a lot!

  2. I've never liked Smashwords. Their site is clunky and unhelpful.

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