Monday, October 20, 2014

Keep Calm And Read This Book About A Stupid Pineapple and An Interstellar War.

While waiting for my scifi novel to come out (probably next spring and now called Codes instead of Find Out Who You Are ), I've finally published the long-awaited sequel to my best-selling book Santa, Godzilla & Jesus Walk Into A Bar...:  This one's called "This Stupid Pineapple Is..." It's free on Amazon from Monday, 10/20 through Friday, 10/24.  

As an added bonus, there are short stories from Andrew Leon, Nigel Mitchell, and Phillip Leon, so it's like getting FOUR books for the price of one and the price of that ONE is FREE.  Also, its not actually like four books, as the three additions are short stories. But they could be VERY SHORT books. Anyway, its free.


If you're STILL undecided you can click this link to read Chapter One on my blog, but, again: FREE. So you could go click one of those links to get the whole book free, or click this link to get one chapter free:

Part One: Wishes can come true, if only you believe hard enough. (And also own a pineapple.)


  1. I bought it. Of course, now I should go buy the first book too.

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