Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I took this one kind of seriously, which you can tell by the fact that I corrected the typo where I wrote "lfantasy". (Briane Pagel)

It was a dark and stormy...

When in the course of human events...

It was a pleasure to burn...

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit...

Dang it, why are all the good openings taken?


Technically, that's me.

... am Briane Pagel -- the e is silent, let's get that out of the way right off the bat, so my first name is pronounced not Bree-ain like many people try to say it but instead, just plain the plain old ordinary way:


It's from an old English word that means "Now you know to be careful what you read."

Where was I? Oh, yeah:

Stuck in a clock. No wait! That's not right. Or me! This is me:

I'm the one on the left. I'm not JUST a superhero, but also a writer, of many things and insofar as it matters to this blog, of (occasionally) science fiction and fantasy stuff.

Some of my sci-fi works include Eclipse:

which is about an astronaut named Claudius who may or may not have gone into space, may or may not have killed his entire crew, and may or may not now be drifting aimlessly while waiting for a rescue that may or may not never come.

Here is a sample from that book:




So it's maybe a little different than the stuff Isaac Asimov wrote.  As for fantasy, the things I write are more of the speculative fiction variety, things like the After,

 in which Saoirse dies in a plane crash (oh, um SPOILER ALERT!) and wakes up in Heaven-or-something-like-it, a place where everything is just the way you want it (unless what you want is not to be there). With the help of William Howard Taft, Saoirse tries to find a way through an increasingly confusing existence.

So: things like that.  I'll be contributing here from time to time, posting bits of stories, reviews of stuff I read, thoughts on sci-fi/fantasy issues of importance, like whether or not Superman has autism or what kinds of ghosts are the best kinds of ghosts.  (Does horror count as fantasy? I think so, maybe, so I'll probably do stuff like that.)

I'm also a publisher -- of my own stuff and others, so check out my page tab up there for details!


  1. Blogger ate my comment.

    Too bad, it was awesome, it was about me trying to pronounce Pagel with a silent 'e' in it, and then how it sounded like I was trying to say pickle... classic.

    So, since I'm not inspired to do all that again. Welcome to this blog.

    Oh, and I read the tags. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Seriously, this is what you make me have to compete with for an introduction? That's just not right. I don't have pictures of me as a superhero. I don't even have a costume.
    Oh, but wait, my new goal in life, which I posted on FB, is to make a lot of money so that I can join the Billionaire's Vigilante Club. I hear you get a free costume just for joining. The only real problem there is that I don't think I'd get along very well with the other members. But, then, I suppose they don't really need to get along with each other since none of them have good interpersonal skills. Well, except for Tony Stark, but I think I'd find him annoying in large doses.
    Thanks for starting out the year (I know it's actually ending the year, but no one really believes that. For all intents and purposes, the new years starts on December 31) by raising the bar way over my head.

  3. Andrew, since you win all the contests, we all have to fight back somehow. Taking supersoldier serum is that somehow.

    Rusty, the kids in grade school went with "Pagel Bagel".

  4. I don't see how that's equitable! Maybe I'll just do that green rage monster thing instead.

  5. Ah so I"m glad you cleared up the pronunciation thing. I always wanna say Breeann but I know you're a guy. Wasn't sure how you said it.
    Anyway, nice intro! Look forward to working with you.

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