Thursday, March 6, 2014

Romanticizing Authors

Hmm... No... This post isn't about romance writers. Or writing romance into your stories. Or about any of that sort of romance at all. No, no. It's about the way we like to think about writers in contrast to the reality of writers. I'm not really even going to say much about it; I'm just going to show you.

We like to think
But the reality is
We like to think
But we really have
Or we think
But get
There's also
When it's really

Of course, that's just the men. It tends to go the other way with women, and we get
when she's really like
Or we have
Instead of
And even

No commentary, just thoughts.


  1. Here I thought my words were more important than my looks. Silly me.

  2. I had a whole comment here and then my stupid Internet blanked out and ate it.

    It was about how we romanticize more than their looks, we romanticize the writers' life. It boils down to this: Most writers probably don't spend their time solving mysteries.

  3. It's like with radio DJ's: if they looked good they would be on television.

  4. I used to picture King up in his attic, cranking away at a typewriting, disheveled clothes, coffee at the ready. Now, that I write, that's me hidden away in a room, (really the couch most days), sporting some sweats, Coke at the ready, tapping away at the laptop. Lord help us if we get that picture snapped.

  5. Sandra: I tried to believe that for a long time, but, if you look at the research about "good looking" people and how much easier it is for them to get promoted, etc even when unqualified... It's sad making.

    Briane: I want to know the other comment!
    And I would write mysteries if I got to solve them. I want to be Encyclopedia Brown.

    Pat: So I can just hid behind my books?

    Elsie: Since I have to get up and leave the house EVERY FREAKING MORNING, I am pretty much always dressed and presentable while I'm working.

  6. Do people check the pictures of authors when buying books?

  7. I want books. Whatever the author looks like I'm fine.

  8. Jo: Half of those people are actors, which is the point.

    Sheena: I'm sure people that read feel that way, so why do we need to pretty them (the men) up for TV and the movies?

  9. I still don't know who a lot of these people are, but I guess it's kind of like those biopics where they change a life story to make it more "interesting" when I'd be much more interested in the true story. Hollywoodization is just a magic show where magic=deception and showing us what they want us to see.

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  10. Lee: Sort of but not exactly. There will be a follow up post.

  11. LOL! I love the difference between the men, while the women are pretty much spot on or even lesser from the reality to the silver screen.

  12. I think nature loves a balance. What nature giveth in one aspect it takes away in another.

  13. Crystal: Exactly, they downplay the women. What the heck?

    Michael: That would make an interesting study.